"Hi i'm Manmit I'm just an average brown girl.... with a crazy obsession with BOLLYWOOD :D

Kisi shaayar ki Ghazal...

"Mein dikhta hoon swami type ka par hoon ekdum harami type ka." 

Fahadh & Nazriya


im not crying theres just a bit of homework in my eye


street children in india are so beautiful and pure. i would give them all my money and buy them all the toys in the world just to see them smile. the kind of life they have to live is not fair at all. 

"my baby" i say in regards to someone that is older than me and over half a fuckin foot taller than i am


Heroines in VOGUE 


This is like, what? The second time Hritik Roshan and Katrina Kaif have been together in a film?? They’re both crazy attractive and have amazing dance skills it’s like putting Superman and Wonder Woman together u can’t DO THAT that’s too much amazingness at one moment.