Ha ha ha! “I feel like I could be the first woman Prime Minister of India” :”’)
I laughed so hard at that as well bahahaha and then the end “FUUUUUUUUUUU-“ 

Sehar sees Sanam for the first time

Just saw your tags on the Alia Bhatt- Karan Johar set :P It's from a video by All India Backchod feat. Alia Bhatt. It's called Genius of the Year. It's just HILARIOUS! You should watch it if you haven't already :)

THANK YOUU SO MUCH! hahahaha i just finished watching it and I could not stop laughing! 

"Sodium likes to tap that sexy chloride body"










don’t be so sure you alone possess the secret to happiness

The more I watched this, the more I smiled. :D

STOP THIS. His face is one of pure mischief behind that beard. I like this human.

I can’t stop smiling at this either

lol :D  so cute

This brought me some much needed smiles today:)

Forever reblogging.

If this does not make you grin ear to ear, I don’t know what will.

This literally was my fav part of the Dhoom Bros video

'tum, main, aur yeh atta…'

i always feel so bad when people leave me nice messages and they’re like “i’m so sorry if this is creepy” like no are you serious you’re not creepy at all have you seen my blog i’m the fucking creepiest person alive


Khoobsurat Reaction Gifs-Part 2